Lifestyle Medicine for Men

This 4-week intensive for men offers a holistic approach to
strengthening health and experiencing embodied masculinity.

with James Rose, NBC-HWC

James will provide a space for men to test their knowledge of the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine and to gain new insight into the evidence-based foundations of living a well- balanced life.

What you can expect:
- Appreciate health outcomes unique to men and how these impact men’s connections to self, others, and our communities
- Co-construct the foundations of a healthy diet, restful sleep, embodied movement, substance awareness, and embodied companionship
- Learn and experience techniques for stress reduction and resilience
- Create and share individualized goals around each pillar
- Provide a support network for our fellow men to grow and learn as a unit

This intensive is meant to introduce the powerful framework of lifestyle medicine and the process of setting attainable goals. By skillfully addressing our health together as men, we improve our potential to arrive securely in our bodies when it matters most.

9:30 am- 11:30 am Aug. 17th , 24th , 31st , and Sept. 7th

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James Rose, NBC-HWC

Health & Wellness Coach

James is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) who relies on evidence-based modalities to engage the wholeness in all of his clients.