Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy
A Whole-Person Approach to Relational Sex/ual/ity

Sexuality is the most complex aspect of the social and emotional human being. We depend so much on our relationships for love, support, and inspiration. Yet, when we are given so many mixed messages about sexuality and the body, conflicting "do's" and "do not's," we often find ourselves struggling to navigate our intimate relationships with partners and lovers, as well as our relationship to our own body full of needs and desires.

Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy (S-CST) provides you with an easeful, body-centered, psychotherapeutic structure to navigate this often tricky sexual terrain and cultivate bodyful eroticism. This structure helps to navigate the sex-negative beliefs that we have acquired as social beings, creating a safer space for sexuality. Sexual diversity, gender embodiment, access to pleasure, embodied consent, and quality of focus are all impacted by the relationships and the communities in which we are live and grow. 

At the center of the S-CST map is the somatosensory experience of being in a body, the present moment somatic landscape that gives depth and definition to desire, repulsion, and all the complexity in between. This internal location of felt-sense shifts and changes, sensations surging and receding, in response to the natural and social environment. 

By utilizing Erotic Bodyfulness, a whole-body mindfulness practice, S-CST offers a model to oscillate between the microscopic lens and the wide-angle lens (between narrow focus and panoramic attention) to see the impact of being an the individual standing in the middle of ever-widening concentric circles of social interdependence. The more you learn your somatic landscape,  and how your sexuality is interconnected with your world, the better you can understand and support your whole sexual self.

This model does not include touch, except for consensual, non-sexual touch between members of a couple as a part of in-session experientials.

Somatic-Concentric Sex Therapy for couples is useful in addressing:
○ Individual and couple intimacy concerns
○ Desire discrepancy
○ Hyper- or hypo-desire & arousal (low or high)
○ Sexuality identity
○ Sexual shame/guilt
○ Sexual performance issues & concerns
○ Uncommon desires
○ BDSM/Kink interests or lifestyle
○ Monogamy, non-monogamy, swinging, polyamory
○ Orgasmic problems
○ Healing after Sexual abuse/sexual assault
○ Affairs/infidelity
○ Healing from break-up
○ Pre-marital relationship counseling 
○ Sex education

For therapeutic professionals and students, we offer yearly training in this model and continual supervision from this perspective. For training in this model, register here