A workshop to level up your connection and understanding of yourself

Erotic Mapping: Wildcrafting the Sexual Self
With Jenelle Thurston, LPCC

Saturday, May 11th
1 - 4:30 pm Mountain time
at ERCC Office in Lafayette

Our culture submerges us in loud and conflicting messages about sexuality. The sex education that we receive often has medical and anatomical inacuracies, and doesn't incorporate conversations around pleasure, consent, or relational communication related to sex. It is confusing and doesn't equip us with the tools for a securely attached relationship with sexuality.

At the Embodied Relationships Counseling Center, we share inclusive, whole-person sex education with our clients to help people understand themselves and make their own meaning. Our clients are better able to talk about sex, understand how their nervous system states and relational dynamics affect their arousal anatomy, and speak the language of embodied consent to advocate for themselves while making space for a partner's interests and boundaries.

Are you ready to increase your sex/ual/ity awareness and find the language to communicate and represent your full self with an intimate partner through a wildcrafting process?

This workshop takes a somatic and dance therapy approach to discover how your sexuality is interconnected with your day to day life. Erotic Mapping is a visual and somatic process of identifying, organizing, and navigating the 3 main components of your sexuality. You will identify your sexuality resource, challenge, and shadow areas, supporting a securely attached relationship with your sexual self that can handle the challenges that arise in life-affirming and relational ways.

This workshop is trauma-informed and inclusive of the full range of sexuality expression (including asexual individuals) with supported experientials.

- Create your own Erotic Map during guided experientials
- Practice Erotic Bodyfulness, a body-based meditation to discover your present moment desires, boundaries, and full expression
- Learn how to support yourself in moving from challenging sexuality moments into fully embodied sexuality moments with embodied consent
- Participants will leave with language and new insight into how to relate with their sexuality and how to better communicate with a partner.

*This workshop is an excellent companion to other individual clinical work or couples therapy. 

Saturday, May 11th 1 - 4:30 pm Mountain time
In-person at ERCC Lafayette, CO office
*Email me with questions and payment options
Sliding scale available for adult students


Erotic Mapping Workshop Facilitators

Meet your facilitators! 


Jenelle Thurston

S-CST Certified Clinician