...these bodies allow us the amazing capacity to feel physical and emotional pleasure, to express inner passion to those around us, and to create life in innumerable ways."

— Whole-Body Sex, Melissa Walker MA, LPC, R-DMT


Healthy intimacy is vital to our overall health and well-being. We specialize in helping you heal and transcend what inhibits sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, and affection. By providing a safe, supportive, and knowledgeable place for you to deeply know yourselves and your partners, you can ignite passion, strengthen trust, and sustain your love.

Our approach to healthy intimacy weaves together emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and embodied eroticism to cultivate a truly inspiring intimacy.

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See what our colleagues are saying! 

Melissa is an outstanding guide for people who are confused about sex and/or want to deepen their intimacy with self and their partner through conscious communication, embodiment, and pleasure. Not only is she intelligent, professional, and innovative - she also has a presence that feels so genuine, compassionate, and comfortable that you just kind of want to be around her! We confidently refer our clients to Melissa!

— Evolve Dating Gurus

Melissa is a seasoned sex therapist, with a unique background in somatic and dance movement therapy. An upcoming author, and also a professor of ethics at Naropa, Melissa provides a healing space and experience that is bridges a deep understanding of mental health, couples and sexual health, and body awareness. She is professional, clinical, intentional, and somatic, while also deeply compassionate and relatable.

— Dr. Jenni Skyler

Melissa is a beacon for love, sex, and relationship therapy. I trust her completely and refer clients to her regularly. I would recommend her to anyone.

— Daniel Michels

The approach Embodied Relationships takes is unique, powerful, and helpful.

— Vonie Stillson